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"Detroit Stays Hungry"

Detroit 75 Kitchen was already making waves in the food and beverage space long before Atomic Honey was in the picture. As a stationary food truck nestled in the heart of Southwest Detroit, they were one of the few businesses that actually thrived during the pandemic. 

Their delicious fusion food and outlier attitude had set them apart from competitors for years, but they needed help ideating new creative initiatives and maintaining the following they had already built on their social media.

When we started working with them in the fall of 2020, it was clear that we were dealing with a brand unlike others we had worked with before. 

Most brands hesitate to take risks, worried that by taking stands on moral beliefs or personal values they will alienate clientele. Detroit 75 is exactly the opposite, and their continued energy to explore new avenues of creative marketing has only grown their audience and consumer base in the last couple of years. 

Serving Things Up Detroit-Style

During our partnership, we have helped to grow Detroit 75’s social following by thousands, expanding their reach and heightening overall engagement. Recently, we’ve helped them extend their social reach into a new space— TikTok. 

In less than 6 months, several D75 videos had gone viral on TikTok, thrilling audiences with their determination to not play by the rules set by other brands within the industry. 

Alongside supporting their social media and overall creative strategy, we have helped them curate and hone their brand story to better communicate the “why” behind their “f*** your opinions” attitude. 

Many brands are under the assumption that, if you’re locally-based, you cannot extend your reach outside of a local audience— Detroit 75 has proven that wrong time and time again, with consumers traveling hundreds of miles just to try their incredible fusion menu.

The brand is currently in the works to expand even further, exploring options in merchandise, podcasts, and vlogs, all the while maintaining a steady growth in followership online and selling out of their world-famous food nearly every day. 

To learn more about Detroit 75 Kitchen and the waves they’re making in the Food & Beverage Industry, visit their website, here.

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