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Why Is the Rum Always Gone?'s Good.

Atomic Honey was tasked with something a bit off the beaten path: creating brand concepts outside of a traditional rum setting. No more pirates, or sail boats or coconut anything. This was going to be very different. 

As we dove deep into our research and started developing logo concepts, we played with different not-so-nautical ideas and color combinations as a starting point. In developing logo concepts and exploring various ideas,  the stories began to write themselves. 

Perhaps an oceanic diver found a forgotten chest of forgotten rum in the dense blue deep. Perhaps it’s a fiery, loud, and rebellious brand living up to its name – an original kill devil. 

We found inspiration in water, in the history, and shortly after, inspiration in the client. He was a Texas resident, a hustler, and someone who wouldn’t take no for an answer. We knew this kind of unstoppable force was where we could draw further inspiration, and alternatively explored the idea of a rough and tumbling cowboy theme. 

The Bottle Speaks for Itself

Inspired by Texas, by the waters that first carried it here, and by the Lone Rider, Don Brando Rum came alive. 

Various packaging ideas hint at topography, a well traveled adventurer, a pioneer in their own right.

Don Brando is made for those brave in spirit, and therefore, we wanted the packaging to reflect the adventurous and rugged attitude. Sip it on the rocks or mix it up in a classic cocktail, and enjoy the original kill devil.