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Eastern Market Inferno Didn't Smell Like Pizza;
Advertising Agency Absolved of Wrongdoing

DETROIT — May 2, 2023 — The cause of the two-alarm blaze above Supino Pizza in Eastern Market is still under investigation, but Atomic Honey was quickly ruled out, in spite of their suggestive name. 

The Detroit advertising agency occupies office space above the little-known restaurant, along with several other small businesses and residents affected by the blaze. The fire was not caused by the launch of Atomic Honey’s new website, as early reports may suggest. 

The agency confirmed that their rebranded website did go live at, but representatives stressed (while winking) that it aligned with SpaceX’s failed launch on 4/20, not the Eastern Market inferno.

“We had people say our new website is ‘fire,’” says an unnamed agency source, “but we thought that just meant cool. Next thing you know, people were standing on the street, pointing phones at our building. Alarms were blaring. Our building was on fire, and I thought, ‘What have you done, you fool?’ ”

The site has seen a massive influx of new traffic, mostly from digital rubberneckers, though not enough to ignite a server or a rocketship on social media. Still, users are greeted with an experience that is packed with new information, digital and traditional advertising, case studies and some Easter eggs – but no smoking gun.

“When investigators realized we are an advertising agency and don’t split atoms onsite (any more), we got the all-clear,” says agency president Robb Taylor. “When they learned we don’t bottle honey either, they left without a word. They didn’t even ask about our website. It was rude.”

Atomic Honey is a delightful little advertising agency, with our main hive tucked into Detroit’s historic Eastern Market, in a now slightly charred building. The agency works with a range of brands across multiple industries, including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, spirits, and cannabis (it’s medicine, yo). Atomic Honey approaches their work with vigor, heart, and sometimes whimsy. And so far it’s working just fine, thank you very much.

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