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A Brand on the Rocks

Sometimes a glow-up is exactly what a brand needs to thrive, and that is precisely the case with Green Door Distilling. 

Nestled in Kalamazoo, MI, this distillery could boast some of the best (and most creative) botanically-inspired spirits around, but was missing the mark in connecting with the desired cocktail connoisseurs throughout the state and beyond. 

Atomic Honey began working with Green Door in early 2022, knowing that the biggest pain point within the brand was a lack of strategy and connection between the brand and the story it wished to convey.

We started from the ground up, working with the new owners (including our own Steve Jbara), to reimagine the brand and create a cohesive, intuitive experience for the consumer— both online and in their Tasting Room.

Now, That's the Spirit

With strategic goals now in place, Green Door found itself in need of not only an aesthetic re-brand but a change and reorganization in staffing within all levels of the business— from management to distillers and everyone in between.

Together, the Green Door and Atomic Honey teams worked in tandem, addressing all external design and marketing concerns while instituting a complete overhaul of the internal staff and structure, and redesigning the Tasting Room, itself.

Atomic Honey aided in all aspects of this redesign, with a complete revamp of the current website, social media, and outbound communication (newsletters, et al), as well as creating and deploying a series of digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the website as well as its newly refurbished Tasting Room.

Since partnering with Atomic Honey, website traffic from April 2022 to June 2022 showed a 103% increase in users, a 104% increase in new users, and a 106% increase in sessions to the site.

Just A Splash of Renown

In the spring of 2022, NBA legend, Ben Wallace, signed on to be co-owner of Green Door Distilling, recognizing the potential such a unique brand had to offer. 

Working closely with the in-house distillers, Wallace has plans to develop his own line of craft spirit— an Apple Brandy— set to launch later in 2022. 

“I am looking forward to being involved in the ongoing revitalization of Kalamazoo and bringing some attention to the work people are doing.”

Already, fans of the basketball superstar have expressed their enthusiasm for his addition to the Green Door team, lining up in droves whenever they know he is paying a visit to the Tasting Room. 

With the launch of his new spirit line, there is no telling what other opportunities will arise for Green Door Distilling, but we are elated to be part of their continued growth.