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Let's Talk About Sex (baby)

Nice & Naughty is on a mission to rewrite the narrative about Adult Stores, with sleek, elegant designs and a knowledgable staff eager to help educate consumers. 

When they came to us in 2021, it was in hopes to better communicate to potential landlords and partners how and why N&N was changing the Adult Toy industry. 

One of the many things that set Nice & Naughty apart from it’s competitors is the sheer number of high-quality products they offer, but their website was difficult to navigate and dissuaded consumers from ordering online. 

They needed their website reimagined, and a marketing deck created that better communicated the “why” behind their objectives. 

Taboo No More

Our main goal with this reimagined website was to better communicate N&N’s devotion to sex education and inclusivity.

Every N&N employee undergoes rigorous training in their product offerings to ensure that no consumer question or concern goes unaddressed, and it was important to us that consumers know that the N&N brand was a safe space to explore sex education.

With updated imagery, fluffed SEO-heavy content, and custom product organization tagging, their website has transformed into an intuitive and enjoyable consumer experience, setting new records in online sales for the brand. 

Titillated, yet? Visit the new and improved Nice & Naughty website, here.