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"The Results Are Hard to Deny"

Old Nation has become a bit of a legend in the craft beer world, a Cinderella story. Born and raised in Michigan, their M-43 is now the best selling craft four pack in the country. 

It wasn’t instant success, though. The people there are masters, mad scientists who are insane with a drive to make the best beers better. 

When they linked up with Atomic Honey, they had channeled decades of passion into making a strong brand. It was time to get bigger.

Atomic Honey built out a cost effective, multi-channel strategy. 

We tapped paid social for its targeting. We found unique opportunities in traditional media. Paid search supported everything, and a new creative strategy drove things home.

The outcome is impossible to ignore. In a hobbled category, Old Nation is up big time. Double digit sales increases. Growth in key markets. Excitement from new accounts. And more on the horizon.