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Cannabis with a Cheeky Twist

Proper Leaf Cannabis Co. was born in 2022 as a truly capital idea. Prior to that time, one could suggest it was nothing more than smoke.

Atomic Honey knew we had what it takes to help Proper Leaf stand out and to let our creativity flow. We developed a character full of cheeky wisdom, style and moxie. We developed a brand that feels nostalgic and relatable simultaneously.

Packaging designs were developed to look clean, classic and intriguing. After all, what proper gentleman (or lady) doesn’t enjoy some loose leaf from a tin every now and then? We wanted the brand to feel nostalgic, exclusive, and approachable, as if something completely unique was hidden within. And in true giggle-smoke fashion, it was!


Building a Proper Website

Proper Leaf needed an online presence that embodied a personality all its own. It was intended to be timeless, intriguing and above all – hip. Our team pieced together a number of digital assets that soon wove the digital fabric of Proper Leaf. 

The timeless and rugged depiction of modern day people combined with it’s nostalgia driven packaging and cheeky verbiage is what makes Proper Leaf’s website a success.