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How High Canna Your Brand Fly?

Women operated and run, both RAIR’s name and quality products resonate with how they are doing things differently in the industry. A Michigan business that is quickly becoming a rising star, RAIR is actively trying to remove the stigmas surrounding cannabis while educating customers of the benefits. 

Their process of cultivation is not your typical way of growing cannabis. Aeroponically grown, this process ensures that the quality and purity from the plant remains intact in all of their products.

However, dispensary and online orders weren’t getting the attention they deserved and coupled with a brand story that wasn’t being lifted up in the right light, it became clear that RAIR needed to tap into underutilized platforms.

In mid 2021, we began our relationship with RAIR, quickly noting plateaus in website traffic, brand story and awareness, and dispensary foot traffic.

The advertising world still has strict policies when it comes to cannabis even though it may be legal at a state level. We developed a strategy that would allow us to safely and effectively market RAIR through digital avenues, while still telling their story traditionally. 

Our overall goal was to refresh the brand story and boost RAIR’s awareness through paid and organic social media, utilizing programmatic for awareness, traditional radio, and using rich imagery of products and plants with an on-point brand message.

You Grow Girl

Using our rich imagery and new brand messaging in digital and traditional, we’ve helped build awareness of the brand and increase online and foot traffic sales significantly. 

Working closely with the RAIR team, we are consistently producing high-quality brand work and messaging on a weekly basis through a plethora of different marketing avenues.

Although we are currently limited to only Michigan-based consumers, the promise of federal legalization of cannabis inches closer every day, positioning RAIR and their quality products to soon be nationally-known.

Since the start of our partnership, RAIR has been able to open a new location in Lowell, MI, are planning on expanding out to the Detroit market for delivery, will be opening a Kalamazoo MI location soon, and have started wholesaling their products to other dispensaries state-wide.

Not to mention, RAIR has recently partnered with NBA legend, Ben Wallace, with plans to launch his own strain of RAIR cannabis products in spring 2022.

To learn more about what makes this cannabis company truly RAIR, click here.

% Increase In Online Sales
% Increase Of In-Store Revenue
% Increase Social Awareness
Up to a 13:1 ROAS