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This was a big one. The ask: create an all new cannabis brand around NBA superstar, champion and Hall of Fame defender Ben Wallace. 

How hard could it possibly be? The man is a legend. Turns out he’s a bit of a mystery – and a surprise, too. 

Headline: Basketball Star Throws Wicked Curve

Curve One: we have to launch this thing with no name in a few months? Cool.

Curve Two: hey, can the line expand mid-stride? Why not. We are Atomic. 

Curve Three: (yeah, we’re mixing sports here…)

We Took That One Deep

The more collaboration with the client and Ben, the more the work evolved into something most companies only dream of: an authentic brand with a true story that people can feel something about – and looks really f***ing cool.

The launch is just now underway, but we’re confident. The work is great. The strategy is sound and rooted in our experience with cannabis advertising. And the clients are passionate about their brand in an otherworldly way. Hold on tight.