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Spilling the Fermented Tea

Unity Vibration is a hard kombucha brand based in Michigan, with regional distribution throughout the country. The brand had seen consistent growth over the years, gaining distribution thanks to the brand’s bootstrapping – and the reception of their kombucha.

Kombucha drinkers love it, once they try it. We knew this from the data. 

But first we had to get them to trial. We needed a campaign that blended awareness drivers with activation, and we needed to do it on a budget.

Atomic Honey deployed a targeted digital campaign, focusing on core audiences and geographies. We built out new creative that retooled the messaging and paired it with a directive. 

Then we launched, measured and improved wherever possible, to make the media money work harder.

The result: Unity Vibration’s sales have posted strong increases, proving that even a modest budget can move the needle if used the right way. 

% New User Website Increase
% Increase in Website Sessions
Facebook Ad Impressions