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Helping Solve the Housing Crisis

URBANEER® has a goal to improve quality of life by innovating the housing industry as the New American Dream takes shape.

Going head-to-head with political issues like affordable housing, urban sprawl, environmental concerns, and the concept of aging-in-place, URBANEER’s game-changing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are redefining what it means to downsize.

In early 2020, URBANEER sought Atomic Honey’s aid, and together we devised a game plan to evolve the URBANEER name into a brand known for design, innovation, and quality of life.

Not long after we started work, COVID19 found its inevitable way to America. In only a few short weeks, the majority of our plans came to a standstill.

Like companies all over the US, we had to pivot, shifting our primary focus to online media avenues (social and paid digital media) amidst the lockdown.

We also retooled areas of the website to speak to market subsegments that would be activated by different messaging.

Finding Silver Linings

The pandemic shed light on some of the very real concerns URBANEER is seeking to address, which has given us ample opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of the need for safe, attainable housing in the US.

Using key elements of storytelling to build a community of like-minded figures on social media and other digital spaces, we have successfully grown the awareness of the URBANEER brand ten-fold.

As the march towards more ADU-friendly building guidelines continues across the states, we are soldiering on, carrying the URBANEER story far and wide– and gaining massive traction, fast. 

The strategy is paying off in other ways, too, positioning the brand as a partner to resorts looking to rapidly expand and developers creating new living communities.