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No More Leaf Rule

ZoomBroom is a product born from a simple question– “Why doesn’t this exist yet?”

Its founders were tired of heading to the golf course only to find that leaves and debris covered the green. If only there was a lightweight leaf blower that was compact enough to bring with them to the course…

And thus, the early prototypes of ZoomBroom were conceived.

However, once movement started happening to solve an issue for golfers, ZoomBroom’s founders realized that there might be many more uses for such a product. 

If they could create a product that was lightweight and powerful for messes on the green, think of all the other ways it could be utilized.

The possibilities were truly endless… but they needed help to get the message out. 

Don't Broom It, Zoom It.

Atomic Honey started working with ZoomBroom in the summer of 2022, and production was in full swing right out of the gate. 

For any new product, the best way to communicate its versatility and usefulness is through showing them— imagery & video. 

Once the content was created and edits were underway, it was time to start on all of the other foundational components for the brand including the website, social media accounts, opt-in marketing, and brand development.

No matter the market your product may be in, you can bet that it will be crowded. 

Although ZoomBroom may be one of the first of its kind available, we knew that creating a long-term strategy was imperative to keeping it at the top of the food chain (so to speak).

An intuitive website complete with a wealth of videography and photography, updated copy, and a strong brand story has set up ZoomBroom for continued success.