Atomic Honey is a full service branding, advertising and marketing agency in Detroit.
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our clients win

Atomic Honey is a full-service branding and activation agency in Detroit. Creative, strategy, design, production, and media are in-house.

We combine powerful creative with cost-effective media strategies to reach the right audiences. Our clients reap the reward.

Decades of practice within a range of industries – consumer packaged goods, OTC drug, food, beer, liquor and cannabis – and with companies of all sizes, provide agency teams with unique experience and insights.

We are the right agency partner to help build and grow your brand, no matter what your stage or goals.



A look back is affirming. We’ve done a TON of amazing work.

And it’s worked. Sometimes it’s from-the-ground up branding (name and all), and others it’s about helping strong brands grow.

See some of those clients and the work here. 

Dig into the stories, strategies, and the results. We’re proud of us.

it's really simple

Our story is rooted in yours. Everything we’ve done and will do is about you and your goals. 

Atomic Honey’s job is to listen, learn, and then get to work helping shape and amplify your brand voice, so we can reach the right customers – efficiently – and drive your brand’s growth.

Together, we can be a relentless force that launches your brand into its rightful place in the industry. (Which usually means thumbing the category leader.)

EASY to work with

all-in-one hive

Complex strategies work seamlessly with authentic and smart creative, because we can do so much right here. 

Results come easier that way.

But that underscores the complexities and the range of things our really smart, wildly talented teams can pull off together.

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