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atomic honey

How Experience Shaped Us

Before we ever set out to do this agency thing – years before it even became a thing – we talked a lot about what kind of agency we wanted to be. What kind of people would we want to work with? What types of clients would we pursue? What would guide and drive us? 

This would be the foundation of our agency, and we knew from our own experiences that it was vital to start with the right mindset and to constantly remind ourselves of the “why” behind our mission. After so many years of the opposite, we needed to create an inclusive environment that celebrated differences of thinking, opinion and expression, as well as the collaboration that bridges the gap.

An environment like that starts with leadership that is both willing and able to accept criticism and responsibility in order to make the group more successful.

Is it “culture” or something bigger?

You would think more agencies would truly be about the people – theirs and the ones outside the agency, like the clients and consumers – but there has been a concerted push to put more of an emphasis on technology than anything else. Computers are great. Analytics are cool enough. 

But without people, it’s just metal and magic. Without experience and intuition, there’s no way to translate any of that information into something meaningful and inspiring. Something that connects with, well, other people.

Ideas and experiences come from people, not technology. Empathy: that’s a human thing. It’s what great advertising is born out of, and it’s where we decided to put our focus long before this agency was more than a barstool conversation. Understanding this means we can tell stories that resonate with everyone who hears them.

“It’s not personal. It’s business.”

For us, our business is personal. For anyone creative reading this  or anyone who has invested a lifetime into a practice – we know you can relate. When you take so much time and energy to forge something meaningful, it becomes intensely personal to the creator (i.e. us). 

If you’re looking for an agency who uses a time clock to gage their working hours, that’s not our schtick. Each ad, graphic, and line of content is a product of who we are, our experiences and our ability to empathize, which is one of the most significant things that sets us apart from other agencies.

But enough about us. 

tell us about you. 

We want to know about your business. What keeps you up at night? What do you envision for your brand? We want to know everything.