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that stings deep.

We are masters of tapping into a brand’s authentic story, connecting it with audiences in a meaningful way, and then compelling them to act. 

our work is just a bit sweeter, and so is the reward.


One of the TOP 3 food trucks (it’s actually a legit restaurant) in the country approached Atomic Honey to help direct the strategy and creative behind their growing social media presence.

What was already a powerful voice became sharpened and amplified, helping grow awareness around a true world-changer brand. 

You can do well by doing good, and Detroit 75 is putting in the work to prove it.


Old Nation Brewing could already boast the title of being some of Michigan’s most-popular IPAs but was looking for help in reaching beer lovers in every crevice of the state (and beyond).

That’s where Atomic Honey came in, with a traditional and digital strategy that sent numbers through the roof. 

If you want buzz, we’ll give you buzz.



A new season, a new arena, and an all-new team is a lot for one year, but the Grand Rapids Gold wasn’t going to let a fear of change slow them down.

With a recent move to downtown Grand Rapids, the team was in need of a multi-layered marketing strategy to get butts in seats.

Luckily, Atomic Honey was more than up for the challenge.

Proper leaf cannabis

Cannabis brands are not a rare thing, especially in Michigan, home of Proper Leaf. 

The client had a vision for what they wanted the experience to be for customers (and some licenses and real estate). That’s about where it ended.

Atomic Honey’s creatives listened, and then they tapped into a sweet new vibe that elevated the cannabis brand… all the way back to when it was ok to be particular.

unity vibration kombucha beer

On its own, kombucha is a bit like that one uncle that works for NASA but wears sandals to work. He’s weird, but interesting. Not as fun as you’d hope.

Hard kombucha brings a little more to the party. It turns hipster cocktail party radio into something funkier.

Unity Vibration Hard Kombucha is like George Clinton headlining that party. And your tastebuds are about to have their little minds blown.


There is something extra special about being able to help an organization whose mission is to help others.

No one can doubt that the Ferndale Pride team has the passion and the will to make it a success, but having a few extra hands (and a fabulous marketing strategy) can go a long way…

… and result in record-breaking attendance numbers.



When we started working with RAIR, we knew it wouldn’t be easy to reach and activate consumers who are bombarded with cannabis messaging and loyal to other dispensary brands. 

Mix in the advertising restrictions governing the cannabis industry, and we knew we had to get real fancy to achieve the client’s goals.

Green door distilling co.

There is nothing quite like the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes, right? Thus is the tale of Green Door Distilling.

A brand that was down on its luck and in desperate need of a refresh, strategic direction, and the right means to discover its jaunty, Prohibition-Era voice.

Do you know the secret knock?


Ever get to the golf course only to discover the green covered with leaves and debris? Yeah… us, too. 

Luckily, there’s a new product on the market that cannot wait to make headache-inducing little messes a thing of the past. 

Before that, however, they needed some strategy and design to really wow the crowd.

undrafted by ben wallace

When your favorite cannabis brand asks you to work with their business partner on a creating new cannabis brand, you say hell yes. 

Then when they say that partner is NBA Hall of Fame and Detroit Pistons legend Ben Wallace, you get your ass to work. Because that’s what Ben would do. 

Here’s what happened.

Standish management

It started as a simple, “Hey, can you make our stuff look a bit better? It kinda sucks.”

It became a complete overhaul of the big brand touch points. The look, feel and all the words. For as simple as it all started, it became a behemoth of an undertaking with global effects.

Adam Scherr - nutrition branding

Strongman, entertainer, wrestler and champion, Adam Scherr was lining up his next career act: nutrition guru. 

He had some ideas, and we were brought on board to help bright them to life.

We met, we brainstormed, we arm wrestled… we won.

More on that is a click away.


This is a story about finding cost effective opportunities to grow a food brand from a regional name into what’s quickly becoming a national phenomenon.

The products are incredible. The strategy is tight and nimble. The results speak for themselves.


This love affair burned hot from the beginning. We fell in love with their story, and that lit a flame in us that was hard to ignore – but easy to fan into something much more productive for the client.

This is a study in achieving a whole lot with very little. You’d be surprised what a little ingenuity will do for an advertising strategy. (Or you won’t, which is why you’re here in the first place.) 

We love honey

Honey has been around for millennia, but the actual sale of honey hasn’t always been as easy as grabbing a jar off the shelf. In fact, beekeepers once went to extreme lengths to advertise their products to potential consumers. To what lengths, you ask? In the early 1800s, certain honey vendors donned “bee beards” in order to draw a crowd and speak to the masses about the incredible medicinal properties of their honey. 

And, in case you were wondering, a “bee beard” is exactly what it sounds like. The vendor would hold or temporarily fasten the queen bee under his chin, causing her colony of workers to cluster around her. This early form of marketing certainly made an impact, and honey demand started to soar. While donning a face full of insects has never been part of any current strategies we’ve devised, the inspiration behind it still drives us.